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Scooter parts for your Proscooter are available here in Orlando, Florida near Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, and Tampa.

Give your scooter a face lift with new parts or build a full custom scooter part by part. 

There are 8 main parts needed to build a complete scooter.   The 8 parts to build a full working scooter are the bar, the clamp, deck, the fork, the grip tape, the hand grips, the headset, and the scooter wheels.   Not all scooter parts are compatible or work well with each other.  You can call us at 407.403.5511 or video chat on Instagram: @RediToPedi for help with choosing the correct parts for your current set up or to build a full custom.  We will install the parts for you and ensure they work well together.  

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