Apex Deck 4.5"

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The Apex Pro Scooters 4.5” inch Deck is an iconic product that is suitable for any scootering setup. 

After 3 years of testing, Apex began producing this deck in 2014 and were able to perfect the design, weight and strength, giving you the best quality park deck on the market. This deck features the classic Apex logo to create a simple but timeless look, which we offer in a range of anodized colors.  

The 4.5” is designed for park riders that are looking to push their limits. The lightweight and durable feel of this deck will unlock new tricks with ease.   

It is available in 2 lengths: 19.3" and 20.1"

  • Deck width: 4.5″ (114mm)
  • Wheel hub width: 24mm
  • Material: Aluminium 6082
  • Material Treatment grade: T6
  • Dropout Shape: Angled
  • Headtube angle: 82.5°
  • Headset type: Integrated 1 1/8″
  • Brake type: Flex Fender
  • Axle diameter: 8mm

To get the most out of your Apex Deck we recommend:

  • Making sure your back wheel is tight. Riding your wheels loose will put too much stress on your axle, which will create multiple problems. 
  • Avoid riding flyout. Riding flyout puts all kinds of stress on all the parts on your scooter. If you are riding flyout regularly, you should expect any product to break quickly.

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