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Scooter Series Bus Transporation

The 2018 East Coast Scooter Series is taking place this year. This pro scooter competition has 3 stops along the East Coast of Florida with one in Boca Raton, in Jacksonville, and the last one in Daytona Beach. We do not want any pro scooter rider in Central Florida to miss out on this opportunity so we have organized a bus to make it easier for everyone to compete in or come see this comp.

Departure location for each day of the scooter series will be in the bus lane behind:

Redi To Pedi Pro Scooter Store
9101 International Drive
Suite 1312
Orlando, FL 32819
Stops Destination Departure Time Return Time
September 22, 2018 Boca Raton 7:00AM 10:00PM
October 6, 2018 Jacksonville 7:00AM 10:00PM
October 27, 2018 South Daytona 8:00AM 9:00PM

Yes, parents, spectator, and riders are welcome on the bus.

The price of the bus ticket is per person and for a round trip ride to the skate park and back to the departure location on the same day.  

*Event Registration is not included in cost of the bus ticket.  For registration:

Click below on each stop for more information.


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