Root Industries Scooter - Invictus 2

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Root Industries does have a 90-Day manufacturer's warranty for most of their par…


Root Industries does have a 90-Day manufacturer's warranty for most of their parts. Grips, Grip tape, Bearings, Headsets, and Brakes are not covered. If you wish to make a warranty claim, you should email us at to begin the process.


Scooter Size, Deck Width, Deck Length, Bar Height, Bar Width, Wheel Diameter, Compression, Weight,


Scooter Size:
Deck Width:
4.8 inches
Deck Length:
19.6 inches
Bar Height:
22.8 inches
Bar Width:
24 inches
Wheel Diameter:
7.38 lbs


Type a description for this product here...The main goal that Root Industries set out to achieve with the Invictus 2 range of complete scooters, was to give the rider a weapon that would allow them to progress quicker. The Invictus 2 achieves this with an even more perfectly balanced deck than the first iteration of the product, which is designed to maximize foot-space and allow for optimal comfortability, while remaining compact and allowing for quick, smooth stunts.

One of the most prominent features debuting on the Invictus 2 complete scooter is the addition of Root Industries’ signature Honeycore wheels, coming stock on all color options. These ultra-light 110mm x 24mm wheels add to the stability and balance of the scooter, allowing for more natural and fluid-feeling movements and enabling the rider to progress with ease. Combine these top-quality wheels with the unrivalled speed gain from Root Industries famous ABEC-11 bearings, the weight reduction from Root’s specialized HMA bars, and the buttery-smooth whipping capability of a frictionless AIR headset, and you have a top-tier professional scooter that will help usher along progression so fast that it is almost like cheating!

Root Industries Invictus 2 Scooter Specifications:

  • Deck Size: 123x500mm / 4.8x19.6in; 6061-T6 with nylon front and back inserts
  • Bar Size: 610x580mm / 24" tall x 22.8" wide; HMA (Hi-modulus Alloy) aluminum
  • Forged fork
  • AIR Headset
  • Lithium Double Clamp
  • Wheels: 110mm x 24mm Honeycore
  • R2 Grips
  • Honeycore cut-out Griptape
  • High-quality Nylon Brake

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