Lucky Scooter Wheel - JonMarco Gaydos 3.0 Signature 110mm

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Lucky Scooters Manufacturer's Warranty Wheels are considered a wearable part who…


Lucky Scooters Manufacturer's Warranty Wheels are considered a wearable part whose lifespan is determined by the condition of the ground being ridden as well as the level, style and frequency of riding which varies greatly from person to person. Wheels modified in any way will not qualify for warranty; this includes but is not limited to painting or stripping, drilling or cutting, dying the urethane or intentionally tearing the urethane from the core. Wheels are warranted by the individual wheel NOT by the pair, even if purchased as a pair. NOT-COVERED: Chips, cracks and small abrasions on or around the riding surface of the urethane are considered normal wear and tear and ARE NOT COVERED under warranty. Flat-spots are caused by improper braking technique; chunking comes from riding on rough surfaces or by hitting sharp objects or curbs abruptly. Neither flat spots or chunking are covered under warranty. Wheel Bearings: Bearings are considered to be a consumable product Lucky will evaluate bearing warranties on a case by case basis. Bearings are only covered for manufacturer defects and not failure do to abuse or lack of maintenance. COVERED: All wheels carry a 180-day urethane warranty by Lucky Scooters against dehubbing. Dehubbing is when the urethane separates cleanly from the core leaving only exposed aluminum. Wheels with any urethane left on the core are not considered de-hubbed or a manufacturing defect.


Wheel Diameter, Width, Axle Size, Polyurethane, Core, Weight,


Wheel Diameter:
Axle Size:
.36 lbs


Price for 1.

For JonMarco's 3rd Signature Wheel he wanted to mix it up and go with the Toaster Core featuring our first ever graphic on that core. The gold reflects his first place finish at the 2019 World Championships with red accents that give great contrast to the gold throughout the design.  This wheel comes ready to ride out of the box with pre-installed LuckySpeed Bearings.  

  • 110mm Diameter 
  • 24mm Wide 
  • 86A Durometer 
  • .5lbs (.22kg) 
  • Pre-Installed Bearings 

 Priced individually.

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