Can a Tilt Fork run HIC and does it fit on an MGP MFX Deck or MGP ( MaddGear ) Scooter?

Posted by Redi To Pedi Pro Scooters on 21st Aug 2017

We received a phone call from a loyal customer who currently runs HIC on a Lucky Deck with a Tilt Tomahawk Fork.  The current deck the rider uses is the fairly big Lucky Evo Deck.  He wanted to switch to a slightly smaller deck and was considering the MGP MFX Tie Dye Deck.  The underlying question is does a Tilt Fork work on a MGP Deck.  The headtube size of a Lucky Deck is longer than that of an MGP Deck, so there were not sure.

Our thought was that it would.  Instead of making an assumption, we tested the concept and documented this in a youtube video.  

Forks did work on the MGP MFX Deck and will work on a MGP Scooter, too.  A Root Industries HIC kit with a Tilt Compression Cap and Compression Bolt were used with the fork to use HIC Compression and SCS.