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Lucky Silo Bars

The Lucky SILO™ bar is stylish and feels smooth.  These scooters are made of  4130 Chromoly and TIG welds.  They are strong, reliable, and have a Clover stamp on the front.  Tell the world you are riding Lucky.  The bars are oversized 1 3/8" and have 2 degrees of back sweep.  The bars are available with SCS without a slit or for HIC with a slit and were designed for threadless forks.  The Lucky Silo scooter bar comes in Copper, Blue, Red, Chrome, Black.


All sales of custom-assembled or custom items (such as custom scooters, or custom cutting of bars to a specific size), and gift cards are final. They cannot be refunded or exchanged. This includes and is not limited to the following; custom cutting bars for sizing and/or SCS use.