Lucky Scooter - 2021 Prospect

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Parts and Completes: Lucky, for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase (…


Parts and Completes: Lucky, for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase (receipt required), will at manufacturer's option, repair or replace at no charge any Lucky product currently in production which breaks or is defective in materials or workmanship purchased direct from an authorized dealer. Damage due to misuse, abuse or modification is excluded. It does not cover abuse, bending or breaking from throwing your scooter, banging the same part of your scooter over and over again on the same spot while you are learning a new trick or getting it run over by a car. Wheels: Due to the wear and tear that wheels receive, flat spots on wheels are not covered under warranty.


Scooter Size, Deck Width, Deck Length, Bar Height, Bar Width, Wheel Diameter, Compression, Weight,


Scooter Size:
Deck Width:
4.8 inches
Deck Length:
19.5 inches
Bar Height:
24.5 inches
Bar Width:
23.5 inches
Wheel Diameter:
7.0 lbs


The 2021 Lucky Prospect Proscooter is lighter, bigger, and better than ever!  The scooter bars are aluminum, the fork is the Anodized IHC Huracan, and the scooter wheels are 120mm wide in diameter.  This complete proscooter only weighs 7 pounds, making it one of the lightest scooters available.  The Lucky Prospect is Lucky’s lightest scooter for sure.  If you are in Orlando, Florida, USA, you can come buy Lucky Scooters, at Redi To Pedi, here on International Drive to see it for yourself.  If not, order here on our website.

  • Deck : Prospect 19.5 inches x 4.8 inches (495mm x 122mm) Anodized
  • Griptape : GripperTape - Prospect Black
  • Grips : TackiGrips - Black & Blue Swirl
  • Wheels: Lunar 120mm
  • Bars : HexBar Aluminum 24.5 inches x 23.5 inches (622mm x 597mm) Black Anodized
  • Clamp : Double Clamp - Black Anodized
  • Fork : Huracan IHC - Black Anodized
  • Brake : Steely - Black - Powder Coat
  • Weight : 7lbs (3.2kg)

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